The Sea Swallow

Written by Gareth Thompson, illustrated by Hannah Megee.

Published by Foxtail, 2011.

“Gareth Thompson’s atmospheric and haunting story is greatly enhanced by Hannah Megee’s beautiful and unusual illustrations.” Adèle Geras

When Mary’s father the fisherman is killed in a    storm, Mary uncovers a terrible war between land  and sea. To save her town from being swallowed        by the waves, she must face the wild water  that   killed her father and go on a journey like no other.

A beautiful landscape hardback book with full    colour illustration, thick paper and an old-   fashioned cloth spine.

Children’s fantasy and magical realism for      children 7 – 11.

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The Liminal Arc Transmitter

Written and illustrated by Hannah Megee.

Self-published in 2010.

“It’s a superb book: an inventive and original story, and so beautifully drawn.

Tom Avery, Random House

‘The Liminal Arc Transmitter’ is a 96-page piece of graphic literature set in a Victorian winter landscape. It tells the story of a group of lost travellers with over seventy illustrations and text. The content is directed at an adult audience, so contains images that may not be suitable for children.

It measures 205mm by 188mm, and is a digital print on high-quality textured paper. It was a paperback limited first edition of only fifty copies.
This book was self-published in 2010.